Big Top is all about feel-good music. Simply put; our music makes people really, really happy. 


Founded by multi-platinum DJ and producer, Bakermat, who started the label as a home for new and promising talent, we managed to grow from a small office in Amsterdam to a major player in the global dance industry in less than 5 years.

Equality, Value & Quality

These are our core values and we live and breathe by these. We have developed these over the last 5 years and use them as a guidance throughout our whole company. Here’s why:

Artists are equal partners

It’s all about transparency and teamwork. Artists are our partners; we are a team and we approach every project as a team. If we win - we all win. If we lose, we all lose and we will look for a solution together. We’re in this together

Offer value & attention

We offer our artists the input and attention they need, and preferably a bit extra. We consider ourselves a boutique label, which means we focus on a small roster of artists that get our full devotion. We support our artists with things ranging from hands-on A&R to non-musical things like emotional support. We’re available 24/7 for our artists and are in direct contact with every single one of them.

Quality over quantity

We only take on projects if we feel we can really make a difference. As a boutique label we can only work well with a certain number of artists at any time, as we only want to create quality music together.



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